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Mr. Kapil Chopra, Mentor talking about how the current crisis in healthcare could have been handled better.

Excerpts from Nidhi Razdan show at NDTV - Left, Right & Center

From broken dreams to hopes of a better tomorrow, Bhaskar from Chattarpur -- a resident from New Delhi is the only earning member in the family.  Working in a builder's firm and earning a mere Rs.7000 a month, he lives a hard life fending for himself and his family. Bhaskar was recently diagnosed with hernia on both sides. The treatment was costing an approximate amount of Rs. 70, 000 which he could not afford.  Bhaskar aware of his rights actively contacted the charity beds team. He was then admitted to Bensups Hospital in Dwarka. Treated with outmost care from the very first day, he has now been discharged and has fully recovered.

Maniram Bhadauria is a farmer and resides in a village near Chambal. He is the only earning member in the family. His son, Abhishek Bhadauria is a student; he however helps his father in the village. Maniram suffered a severe heart attack post which his family brought him to New Delhi. He was admitted at the Safdarjung Hospital. Maniram spent more than 2 lac rupees on his treatment and medication. The family is residing in New Delhi from the last 3 months and have exhausted all their savings in multiple hospital visits and sky rocketing bills. His son being aware of their rights approached the charitybeds team. They were immediately given assistance and Maniram was admitted at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. Maniram is currently undergoing treatment and is on the road to recovery. He was moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward and will be discharged soon.

Raghuvir Singh is from Aligarh, currently residing in Faridabad since the last 4 years. A hard working tailor in a factory, Raghuvir earns Rs. 6000 a month. His 4 year daughter Shagun was detected with a hole in her heart and required immediate medical attention. He dreamed to have the best available treatment for his daughter but with complex paper work and huge sums of money involved, he always fell short to treat her.  He however did not lose hope and being aware of his rights, approached the team of charitybeds. Within hours the little girl was admitted at the Escorts Heart Institute and is now on the road to full recovery.

Though private hospitals are obliged to provide health care to the economically weaker sections of our community, in most cases they exploit the lacunae in the system. Such is the story of Vijay Kumar, a rickshaw puller. Vijay who is barely able to make both ends meet, earns a mere wage of Rs. 250 a day.  His wife diagnosed with cancer was treated in Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital a year ago. Vijay sold everything he had during his wife’s treatment, paying all the numerous bills that the hospitals produced. The doctors then advised a second session of chemotherapy which amounted to Rs. 2 lacs. Not able to afford it and with the fear of losing his wife, Vijay was in total despair. A ray of hope entered his life when Vijay realised his right to healthcare and contacted charitybeds. His wife was immediately admitted in Dharamshila Cancer Institute, where she is currently undergoing treatment.


Such are the stories where volunteers at the organisation have helped create awareness among poor patients on their rights and privileges that they much deserve.

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