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  • Q: 1. What does the Supreme Court order of September, 2011 mean?
    • A:

      The Supreme Court order mentions that all individuals who have a household income of less than Rs. 8086 per month, are entitled to free medical treatment in 46 private hospitals in Delhi/NCR which have been built on land acquired at concessional rates from the government.

  • Q: 2. How can help me?
    • A: provides daily updates on hospitals that have vacant beds available for the underprivileged. The website also aims to help with contact details and directions to the hospital.

  • Q: 3. How many hospitals are listed on the site?
    • A:

      46 private hospitals in Delhi and NCR, which are mandated by the Supreme Court order to provide free medical treatment to the underprivileged, are listed on

  • Q: 4. How do I find the nearest hospital?
    • A:

      The search tool on the website can help you find your nearest hospital. You can search either by region (for instance ‘South Delhi’ or ‘Lajpat Nagar’) ,specialization (for instance ‘Heart’, ‘Eye’, ‘General’) or name of the hospital (for instance ‘Apollo’, ‘GM Modi’, etc)

      You may also find the nearest metro station to the hospital under ‘details’

  • Q: 5. How do I know if the hospital can admit me?
    • A:

      When you click on a hospital name, details on the number of beds available appear. This figure is updated everyday.

  • Q: 6. Who do I contact first?
    • A:

      A contact person at the hospital has been assigned to attend to your needs. Please contact the person who has been mentioned under ‘details’

  • Q: 7. Will all treatment be free of cost?
    • A:

      Once you have declared that your household income is less than Rs. 8086 per month, all treatment will be free of cost barring the illnesses exempted from the Supreme Court Order.

  • Q: 8. Which treatments will NOT be free at private hospitals?
    • A:

      The following treatments are not included in the mandate and will therefore be chargeable*
      1.    Cosmetic/Plastic surgery
      2.    All types of Cancer
      3.    Neurosurgery

      *The inclusion of these treatments in the mandate is under discussion.

  • Q: 9. What am I entitled to as part of my free treatment?
    • A:

      1.     Bed

      2.     Medication

      3.     Consultation

      4.     Surgery facility

      5.     Nursing facility

      6.     Consumables – drugs & medicines, injections, dressing,

      7.     Non- consumables – admission to hospital

  • Q: 10. Do I need any documentation to avail of free medical treatment?
    • A:

      Any individual who has a household income of less than Rs 8086 is entitled to free medical treatment at the 46 private hospitals. Documents required:(any one)

      a. An undertaking declaring that your monthly income is less than Rs. 8086. This form will be available at the hospital.

      b. BPL Card (or Below Poverty Line Card). This card is available to all citizens of India and entitles them to benefits under health, employment and housing schemes. If you would like to apply for a BPL card, Download the form.   and Please submit to your nearest ration card office


      c. Income certificate issued from your organization stating that your monthly income is below Rs. 8086.

  • Q: 11. What is a BPL card? why is it important.
    • A:

      The BPL (Below Poverty Line Card)is a magnetic strip based card which acts as an identificationdocument.  It contains vital information about the individual along with a photograph. The card entitles you to various benefits under health, employment, housing and small value schemes such as easy access to loans, amongst others.

  • Q: 12 .What can I do if the hospital charges me for medicines?
    • A:

      In case any of the 46 private hospitals charge you a fee for medical treatment, please e-mail us on We will try our best to assist you.

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